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Malachi Church

Dedicated to making known God's Path for Life
COMPASS LIFE Global Ministries
Our Mission 

Making Known God's Path for Life perpetuating the Love and Hope of Christ around the world through reciprocal global missions while apprenticing Christ followers (modern day disciples) to be tangible extensions of the church where they live, work, worship and play.  

The Beginning

Compass Life was founded out of an overwhelming gratitude for God’s grace and mercy upon our lives; His unconditional love for us; our faith in His promises; and His compelling call to follow Him, love Him and love our neighbors.  The vision for Compass Life began to unfold a little over three years ago as we pressed to work through an intensifying call into full time ministry.  Thirteen days after surrendering to go wherever God led, Curt found himself on an unplanned flight to Rwanda. In the three years that followed he completed two more trips to Africa as a Strategy Coordinator and we devoted ourselves to studying missions and church planting full time at Southern Seminary’s Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism. During those three years God stripped us of our self sufficiency and forced us to work out our biblical convictions. Combined with God’s Word, the wisdom gained through theological education  and a fresh grasp of global realities, God molded us to respond to His calling on our lives: 

Founders and Missions Catalysts

Curt & Cari have been blessed by six wonderful children and three beautiful grandchildren.  They currently reside in Huntsville, AL with their youngest children Caleb & Riley and when home they serve their neighborhood as Volunteer Community Chaplains.  At age 36, Christ radically transformed Curt’s life - having served in the military and defense industry his passion is to finish well by making known God’s paths for life to all who will listen.  Curt graduated from Southern Seminary's Billy Graham School of Missions & Evangelism in 2012 receiving a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Missions      

Curt                Cari
Caleb                                 Riley
What We Do

1. We seek out & apprentice people to become Missional Christ Followers where they live, work, worship & play.  (more)

2. We apprentice lay leaders to establish, apprentice, multiply and encourage missional faith communities in neighborhoods and communities around the world.  (more)

3. We partner with and facilitate existing local churches / small groups in becoming increasingly missional Christ Followers.  (more)

4. We coordinate and execute global missions in partnership with like minded people, churches and missions organizations.  (more)

Missional Defined — 

…compelled by God’s love to imitate Christ’s example by connecting with people from all walks of life, serving them with selfless compassion and sharing with them the hope of eternal life.   


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