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Malachi Church

Upcoming Mission Trips 

1. To show and share the love and hope of Christ with people around the world.  Some are cared for, some are saved, and all are loved. 

2. To move people to depend upon a sovereign God and increasingly focus outwards while affirming His paths according to His instruction manual.  

3. To experience and adopt a missional lifestyle impacting people where we serve, and upon our return where we live, work, worship and play. 

4. To promote unity within local churches and among the greater Church.

5. To center one another on the path God has made known allowing us to experience the gladness He promises in His presence. (Acts 2:28) 
F i v e   R e a s o n s   t o   G i v e   &   G o 
G l o b a l   M i s s i o n s
L o c a l   M i s s i o n s
C h u r c h  P l a n t i n g
The purpose of Compass Life' local missions 
is to serve as a platform to display God's mercy, provide care for the poor, the widows and the fatherless, in the Madison County Area.  You will find Compass Life Teams supporting ministries like the Downtown Rescue Mission, Lincoln Village, & the Manna House.  To receive weekly email updates on ongoing missional opportunities... 
Compass Life seeks to plant biblical expressions of the Church as new believers are gathered into missional faith communites to live out a unified life of worship, prayer, teaching, evangelism and servanthood.  Our first Church was planted in August of this year.  To learn more about 
Malachi Church, Click Here.          
The purpose of Compass Life' global missions is to make known to people around the globe (those who serve & those we serve) the paths of life. 
If you are interested in learning more 
about the next scheduled 
global mission trip
 Click here.   

Nicaragua, February 2018

Nicaragua August 2018

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