The Compass Life Team will join Weston Smith and BMDMI and share the love of Christ with the people of Northern Nicaragua in the village of Ayapal through a variety of possible roles (see below).  Weston is headed back to Los Chiles and hopes to aid the local people build a church.   

Village Outreach 
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Beauty Salon 
Adult Church 
Youth Service 
Children’s Church 
Kitchen Staff 
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17-24 February, 2018

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Critical Needs: 
Prayer Team Coordinator
Prayer Warriors
Go Team Members & Go Team Financial Support
Medical Supplies $10,000
Beans & Rice $3,000

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Key Dates: 
16 November / Tickets Reserved (Usually mid Jan)

We are building three teams for this mission.  We will need a “Go Team” a “Prayer Team” and a “Support Team”.

The “Go Team” will travel to Nicaragua in February to minister through several roles with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel with those we serve. This will be our 8th trip to Nicaragua and each time we have seen 300-600 people give their lives to Christ.

The “Prayer Team” will pray weekly for the team over the next few months through the teams safe return.  

The “Support Team” will assist the team in deploying and returning from Nicaragua and coordinate for the collection and packing of used and new clothes, shoes, hats and toys that the “Go Team” will hand out to the people we minister to in Nicaragua.  

Information Meeting & Training Sessions are held at 110 Waterleaf Road, Huntsville, AL 35811 

16 November / Tickets Reserved (Usually mid Jan)

13 December /12:30 PM / Overview Meeting / Luncheon

10 January / Team Fees & Applications Due

10 January / 3 PM / Training Session 

7 February / 3 PM / Training Session 

17 February / 5:45 PM Fly to Nicaragua

23 February / 1:30 PM Return from Nicaragua 
Passport Photos:
There are several locations in Huntsville / Madison - a few include: 

1. CVS 2210 Winchester by Publix (256) 858-8595 $9.99 +tax

2. Allied Printing 1821 University Drive (256) 539-2973

3. J C Penney Portrait Studio · (256) 837-7180, 5901 University Dr NW Ste C 

4. UPS Store, (256) 971-1913, 6275 University Dr NW Ste 37 

5. UPS Store, (256) 880-8770,  4800 Whitesburg Dr S Ste 30  
The Mission:
Check out some pictures from other trips we have taken to Nicaragua...