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7.  Sponsor an inner city student or young adult to participate on a global mission trip.
Compass Life is committed to coming alongside parents, guardians and the local church to manifest the reality of a sovereign, faithful and miraculous God to our youth through global missions. 

Please contact us to discuss supporting a young adult on one of our upcoming mission trips.

Look for testimonies in upcoming issues of the Compass Life Quarterly where lives and the integrity of families were strengthened through the hand of God engaged in the mission He has given to all of His followers.

Recommend Resources
"Rethink" by Steve Wright
"Shift" by Brian Hayes
"Perspectives on Family Ministry" by Paul Renfro, Brandon Shields, and Jay Strother
"A Parent Privilege" by Steve Wright


According to leading Christian Apologist Josh McDowell, who has worked extensively with Campus Crusade for Christ, as many as 69% of our youth are leaving the church after High School.  Where this was a natural temporary fallout from college attendance nearly a decade ago, it is no longer the case.

Mark Matlock, a leading expert in Youth Ministry reports that “depending on whose numbers you use, 58-84% of graduating youth from Church youth groups are not returning.”
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